Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi NCR

Digital Marketing has the potential to grow your business within a certain amount of time. Pursuing a digital marketing course from a reputed digital marketing institute will help you to run your business efficiently. With today’s generation going digital, business opportunities, too are on the rise, especially in the digital sector. However, before stepping into the digital marketing industry, it is essential to join a digital marketing institute to gain a thorough understanding.

The top digital marketing institutes where one can pursue a digital marketing course are:

1. The School of Learning (TSL)

A career-oriented digital marketing institute located in Saket, New Delhi, TSL (TSL) provides intensive industry-relevant programs with flexible batches that are developed and taught by a world-class faculty. Having the right mix of technology and services, TSL is dedicated to creating a new workforce for the digital space by creating a wholesome experience that enables a person to make their mark.

2. Techstack

A digital marketing institute located in Saket, New Delhi, one gets to learn digital marketing deeply with Techstack. It has a team of highly educated and experienced teachers that is always there to help.

3. HiAim

Located in Motibagh, New Delhi, HiAim is a digital marketing institute that has been providing courses from 10 years. It has flexible batches for weekday and weekend available.

4. Digital Vidya

One of the oldest and famous digital marketing institutes in Delhi NCR, Digital Vidya offers courses on digital promotion, social media, content promotion as well as mobile promotion. It has branches spread all across Delhi NCR.

5. SEO Tech Experts

Established in 2008, SEO Tech Experts is a well-known digital marketing institute that teaches as well as trains its students in the field of digital. It has branches in Gurgaon, Faridabad apart from Delhi.

6. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM)

Also known as DIDM, this digital marketing institute has 4 different centres in Delhi: Preet Vihar, Dwarka, Gurgaon and Satya Niketan. It has faculties that have more than 8–10 years of experience in digital marketing.

7. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

Known popularly as DSIM, this institute offers a free demo session to its students before they enroll for a digital marketing course. It has branches all over Delhi NCR.

8. Digital Guru

An online web education center in Old Delhi, Digital Guru provides digital promotion coaching courses spread across a course time of 50 hours.


This institute offers a variety of courses in Digital Marketing such as Post Graduate, Advanced Programs in Digital Media Marketing, Advanced Program in Digital Media Marketing, Advanced Program in Social Media Marketing etc.

10. NSDM

This Digital Marketing Institute provides courses that are at a global standard and are exclusively designed to impart practically oriented Digital Marketing skills.

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WTC Noida Phase 3: A Premium Project in the making

Located across the Yamuna Expressway, WTC Noida Phase 3 is touted to be the world largest World Trade Center. It has virtual office spaces that offer a lease guarantee up to 3 years till the possession offer and assured returns of 12%. Spread across 42 acres and the World Trade Center, WTC Noida Phase 3 is the global network that comprises commercial complexes in 330 cities and 100 countries. Currently serving 1 million members, WTC Noida Phase 3 also serves as a regional trade and commerce window for its global partners with an aim to become an IT and ITes hub and electronic zone.

Helmed by Viridian Red of the Viridian Group, WTC Noida Phase 3 offers suitable infrastructure for companies and promotes global trade and partnerships. A “green office” complex, it consumes low energy, up to 30%. Located in Greater Noida, the commercial spaces are sized at 500 sq. ft. on an average. The commercial tower is also in close proximity to leading residential, educational and corporate establishments. It is also just a 5-minute drive from the FNG Expressway, Jaypee Hospital, and the Delhi Public School and 10 minutes away from Sector 18.

With its global headquarters in New York, WTC offers top-class office spaces in locations such as Amsterdam, New York, Geneva, Los Angeles, Paris, Kuwait, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Located in the Sector Tech Zone, buyers of WTC Noida Phase 3 can expect a 20% appreciation in the value of the property. Timely possession is a major USP for buyers along with the WTC brand value and quality infrastructure. WTCs often function as major drivers of economic growth in a particular region.Viridian Redhas been the prime reason behind the growth and establishment of premium offices and homes.


Verbind: One-Stop-Solution by WTC

Launched as an association with WTC Noida 3 or known as the World Trade Center Association, Verbind is a service provider for Trade and Investment of all World Trade Centers. It currently has more than 300 members from 90 countries across the globe and serves as a one-stop-solution for providing world-class trade services at a global level. An integrated, independent business management and trade facilitation services organization, Verbind aims at unifying the different components of education, trade services, and infrastructure. It envisions on supporting and connecting with various SME’s in India and helping them in development and growth.

Active since the past 1 year, Verbind is undergoing a change and aims at developing a sustainable business model. It regularly measures and monitors its plans and continuously applies the hit-and-trial method for designing the perfect business model. It continuously strives to find new and innovative ways for accessing the required funds for SME’s in India, developing human capital, mentor and nurture promising talent. It is also in a process of accelerating business by creating an environment of trust and ease while conducting its business at the same time. With 540 collaborations already across the globe, it has set up its operations in India, because of its demanding market nature. Verbind is also in the process of strengthening and creating local networks. It has also proven to be quite effective by creating trade zones that connect Indian companies with their competitors across the globe.

Currently, Verbind is helping in the promotion of WTC Noida and is playing an excellent role in the growth and development of the Indian Real Estate Market. It has also proven to be quite a vital contributor to the overall development of the business sectors of the country.


India’s first Mobile Open Exchange: Some Important Details

Inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in July 2018,Mobile Open Exchange Zone in Noida will serve as a tech zone. Approximately 81 investment projects worth Rs. 60000 crores have been released here. This project will help people to use advanced mobile technology in order to obtain current updates in an easy manner.
Developed over 35 acres of land, MOX is considered to be one of the world’s biggest mobile phone production unit. Electronic devices in large numbers are rolled out every month. All mobile phones are manufactured with the highest quality of materials that offer the latest features and specifications to the users.
Considered to be one of the most popular ecosystems in the mobile sector, MOX@Techzone offers an integrated platform to all manufacturers, allied and research industries. Many manufacturing companies are now moving to India, particularly towards Mobile Open Exchange as it is an ideal place for investment and offers more benefits to the investors. It is one of the most suitable destinations where a company can start their project hassle-free. Many mobile manufacturing companies prefer MOX today to develop mobiles and other electronic devices.  


Booming Infrastructure Development Attracting More Investors at WTC’s Plaza 106

The realty segment in India, especially in Delhi NCR has experienced a progressing blast similar to headway around the NPR (Northern Peripheral Road), generally known as Dwarka Expressway is concerned.

The area has as of late ascended as a top the choice for home buyers also financial specialist searching for lucrative interests in the business and retail divisions. According to reliable Industry reports and government experts, the private endeavors on Dwarka Expressway will end up being a champion among the best property decisions in Delhi NCR in the events to come.

Plaza at 106 under the worldwide market-pioneer the World Trade Center offers a one of a kind chances of ready for retail spaces converged with studio properties under a similar hood. Redefying the work and way of life ideasPlaza at 106 offers the top tier bargains for financial specialists looking advances towards rewarding just as ergonomically designed properties for multi-purposes.

Dwarka Expressway is an 18 km long and 150 meters wide stretch. Parts 81 to 115 have been made along its length, with fragments committed to private endeavors, business retail focus focuses and open utilities. Given the high inclusion measurements of these zones, Dwarka Expressway has all the earmarks of being a truly necessary boost, really. Inferable from its low people thickness, the right mix of urban organizing, elegant and normal arrangement and included greenery, it has risen to transformed into a promising zone for the hypothesis.

The area offers region focal points just as has a dynamic arrangement of a front-line city. If one cuts a drive down the interstate, one will recognize how well-masterminded the zone is. It is ensured to pull in footfall in an accompanying couple of years. Inferable from its closeness to Delhi, the property costs in these zones have taken off starting late thusly making the district an ideal hypothesis elective. Another irreplaceable clarification for its reputation is the manner in which that the locale considers all esteem centers, starting from moderate, mid-pay, premium making ready to luxury adventures.

Plaza at 106, a premium private and retail-prepared space with a totally stirring Club and a developed domain, it moreover has an accommodating portion plan of adaptable installment choices. Fundamentally, a readied to a move-in dream home or a retail-prepared property which is foreseeing your quality.

Everything considered, paying little respect to what your property necessities are, there is a space removed for you at the Dwarka Expressway. Research well and place assets into this best in the class region, before it is past the final turning point with regards to work-life equalization and offices fulfillment to its speculators.


WTC GIFT City: Gujarat’s Most Profitable Commercial Infrastructure

Vibrant Gujarat has emerged as one of the most sought-after financial hub-spots amid the top-notch business destinations. Gujarat has seen an overwhelming development with regards to both infrastructure and finance. The coming of global super-brands into Gujarat and development of commercial infrastructure has given a boom to the economy.

The World Trade Centre GIFT City is the most commercially viable and investment ready project that has taken commercially infrastructure to new heights.

Thinking about the emphasis on innovation and the arrangement for a green belt, WTC GIFT City can be a perfect model for both market giants and start-up business segments.

In another move that would further lift interest in the GIFT City, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) discharged the rules for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). This makes GIFT City a potential investment for commercial value assets and global investors in India and that in Gujarat. These AIFs could set up business in the City through global policies like Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI), the Foreign Venture Capital Investor (FVCI) and the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The development of GIFT City is on full speed ahead, with two business towers — GIFT One and GIFT Two — completely built. The billion-dollar focal point of business will have a worldwide training zone, SEZ, entertainment zone, and so on. There will be incorporated townships, shopping centers, inns, different administration units, and stock trade.

Undoubtedly, the WTC Gujrat is one of the main projects of GIFT City which is in progress of development on approximately 986 acres of land. WTC Gujrat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT-City) is having spaces for commercial financial and technical firms and their high-quality structure and eco-friendly maintenance is attracting many large companies for developing their workspace.

The GIFT City with its overwhelming infrastructure development, financial centers, and state-of-the-art-technology is fast growing the area as the best example for the 100 top urban cities of the world.

The ergonomically designed trade centers are plush and convenient and have some of the best facilities amongst the top cities in the world. Keeping the environment in mind, the GIFT City has a lush green belt developed to maintain the ecosystem and provide a greener and fresh work environment.

WTC GIFT City is divided into multiple zones like entertainment, education, tech park, hotels & Restaurants, townships, etc. There are many specific facilities on which WTC GIFT City Gujarat is aiming like swimming, cafeterias, and high-class parking system, video conference and many more just to give classy stay to their buyers.

Reference: WTC Gandhigarh

How does MOX benefit the Mobile Industry?

Dedicating itself entirely to the mobile industry with its location in Greater Noida,MOX providesa platform to mobile manufacturers and app developers. Here’s a look at some of the benefits and advantages that MOX has to offer:
Generates Huge Employment Opportunities:Spread over the whole Techzone sector of Greater Noida, MOX is an ecosystem in itself and acts as an ideal platform for mobile manufacturers and app developers. With many roles in the cluster, there are numerous employment opportunities that get generated and automatically support the Government’s initiatives.
Major Catalyst for Infrastructure Growth:The infrastructure involved in making the Mobile Open Exchange Zone is supreme. Expansion of this infrastructure attracts growth and development.
Opens Investment Opportunities: MOX is a cluster that oversees all opportunities conducted on a large scale that engages investment worldwide and brings various opportunities.
Boosts Realty Sector Heavy Commercial Activities of Different Business Clusters:The setting up of MOX has given a huge boost to the Realty sector. The presence of different business clusters and heavy commercial activities in the Techzone Sector acts as the major USP for the rest of the area and property.
Has a Multiplier Effect Value Chain Involved in Product Distribution:MOX is made up of 3 pillars, viz. Infrastructure, Hardware, and Software. These pillars are involved in producing effective and efficient value chains in product distribution.

How to solve Water Scarcity in India

Currently, India is battling one of its biggest challenges: Access to drinking water scarcity in India. This issue increases day by day because of factors such as growing population, rapid urbanization and growing demand for water from agriculture, energy, and industry.
Access to drinking water is a question of both, public and domestic health. UNICEF reports that only a quarter of the total population in India has drinking water on their premises and approximately three-quarters of all diseases in India are caused by contaminated water.
To ensure equal access to water for all, the water sector has to act on five main requirements:
1.     Capitalize on existing assetsOptimizing water production and treatment plants, water networks and reservoirs is the first step for water scarcity in India. The trick here is to use water in the same capacity, instead of waiting for new infrastructures to be built. It is important for management to be efficient in order to extend the scope of existing services.
2.     Adapt services to ensure affordabilityOwnership of assets and the setting of tariffs are the responsibility of the public sector. One of the main challenges is to ensure that individual connections are cost-effective and tariffs are not prohibitive for poor people.
3.     Create local customer servicesOffering the most well-adapted customer service to everyone by targeting their needs should be followed by every water operator. Such designed services in partnership with elected representatives are sure to meet the expectations of the common man.
4.     Apply the notion of ‘Social Business’
With the global economic crisis and growing discontent created by mainstream capitalism, new business models are emerging. ‘Social Business’ is one such model which is quite talked about. However, water operators face the challenge of testing new models while creating water accessibility to peri-urban and rural areas. To resolve this issue, Veolia Water and Grameen Healthcare set up a quality water service for two villages in Bangladesh where the country’s groundwater reserves weren’t deep and were naturally contaminated by lethal arsenic levels.
5.     Speak to users and raise awareness
Technological expertise can’t solve the problem of water scarcity in India alone, social support is needed too. Communicating the relation between water, good hygiene and health should be one’s primary responsibility.
Access to drinking water scarcity in India is a concern that everyone faces in India, rich or poor. By distributing water 24*7, everyone can have equal access.


Why Chandigarh is best option for investment in commercial properties?

Commercial properties in Chandigarh are some of the most popular investment destinations for the investors who are looking for premium properties with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Here are a few reasons that make Commercial Properties in Chandigarh the best
·         Chandigarh being a Union Territory under Central Government has a proficient and responsive administration.
·         There are two main Secretaries attached to the Government in Chandigarh UT, namely, the Finance Secretary and the Home Secretary.
·         Chandigarh is a standout amongst the best arranged urban areas in India with an incredible lifestyle satisfaction.
·         It is referred to as the cleanest and greenest city in the province. Short distances between commercial and residential complexes, well-organized traffic and great recreational facilities are of the key features that attract investments. World leaders in commercial spaces, World Trade Center has also developed the WTC Chandigarh with premium commercial spaces and technologically advanced infrastructure.··         Presence of developed social and infrastructural foundation including power, water, streets network and close proximity to advanced Health and Educational Institutions makes commercial properties like WTC Chandigarh the most sought after ones.
·         Chandigarh has been positioned among the pioneers in the e-Readiness Survey of Govt. of India. The e-Sampark and Jan Sampark Programs have been broadly hailed and assured IT support for the Society is the chief objective of the Administration.
·         Another significant component that has brought Chandigarh on the realty map is its quickly developing infrastructure foundation. The proposed metro rail venture connecting Secretariat and Aerocity has fuelled the realty request in the area.
·         Chandigarh also boasts of a rising IT Park and vibrant financial centers including the advent of market-giants, the World Trade Center. Alongside – Mohali and Panchkula (together known as Tricity) – is home to some major worldwide companies like Quark, Infosys, Dell, IBM, and Tech Mahindra.
·         Real estate researches and market trends have already indicated towards the fact that more and more start-up companies are keen in investing and setting up a solid base in Chandigarh as it is comparatively cost-effective both in terms of human-resource and also property value.


Effects of Water Scarcity in India

Millions of people across the globe don’t have access to water. Approximately 70% of Earth’s surface is covered in water with only 3% being freshwater that is fit for human consumption. 2/3rd of the water is in glaciers and remains inaccessible to humans. A study revealed that 1.1 billion people across the globe don’t have access to water and 2.7 billion people remain without water for at least a month during a calendar year.
Finding clean water is very rare these days. Many people across the globe put in their efforts the entire day and are unable to find it. However, people who get clean and safe drinking water seem to not utilize water in the best possible manner.Water scarcity in India comes in various forms: It can be in the form of the water crisis, water shortage, water deficit or water stress. There are 2 types of water scarcity: Physical and Economic. Physical water scarcity is seen when natural water resources don’t meet a region’s water demand and economic water scarcity is a result of poor water management resources.
Some of the Effects of Water Scarcity in India are as follows:
1.     Drinking Water inaccessible in many areas: It is observed that many people are not able to get clean, drinking water. The human body has a limit to which it can withstand not having water and not getting water can result in many problems.
2.      Hunger: The primary resource for India’s food comes from farmers who leave no stone unturned to keep their crops healthy. If there is no water, crops won’t grow and people will go hungry. Animals would die as well, which would lead to no production of meat.
3.     Lack of Education: If water isn’t accessible to people, many children in families will also fall sick and would be unable to attend school as well.
4.     Diseases: In case of no access to clean water, humans will be more prone to chronic diseases like jaundice, irrespective of the water being used for cooking or for bathing. And if the situation gets severe, it can result in death as well.
5.     Sanitation Issues: Without clean water, you can’t get clean food, clean dishes or people. If people are not given access to proper sanitation, diseases become a major issue. It even causes mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.
6.     Poverty: People who face the problem of water scarcity in India are usually poor. They don’t get the proper resources on time and are barely able to survive in difficult times.