Verbind: One-Stop-Solution by WTC

Launched as an association with WTC Noida 3 or known as the World Trade Center Association, Verbind is a service provider for Trade and Investment of all World Trade Centers. It currently has more than 300 members from 90 countries across the globe and serves as a one-stop-solution for providing world-class trade services at a global level. An integrated, independent business management and trade facilitation services organization, Verbind aims at unifying the different components of education, trade services, and infrastructure. It envisions on supporting and connecting with various SME’s in India and helping them in development and growth.

Active since the past 1 year, Verbind is undergoing a change and aims at developing a sustainable business model. It regularly measures and monitors its plans and continuously applies the hit-and-trial method for designing the perfect business model. It continuously strives to find new and innovative ways for accessing the required funds for SME’s in India, developing human capital, mentor and nurture promising talent. It is also in a process of accelerating business by creating an environment of trust and ease while conducting its business at the same time. With 540 collaborations already across the globe, it has set up its operations in India, because of its demanding market nature. Verbind is also in the process of strengthening and creating local networks. It has also proven to be quite effective by creating trade zones that connect Indian companies with their competitors across the globe.

Currently, Verbind is helping in the promotion of WTC Noida and is playing an excellent role in the growth and development of the Indian Real Estate Market. It has also proven to be quite a vital contributor to the overall development of the business sectors of the country.


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