Why do you need a Real Estate Consultant?

Many people are still new to the concept of a Real Estate Consultant and wonder what exactly a Real Estate consultant does. The role of a Real Estate Consultant extends to more than just being a Real Estate Broker. The difference here is that one doesn’t have to pay commission to the Real Estate Consultant but has to pay for his consultancy services, expertise and expert advice in making the right decision in real estate rent, lease, buy or sell.
Real Estate Agents work for one person at a time and endeavor to offer the best possible real estate advice for both commercial and residential projects. They have their own individual agenda and profit at a venture and as a result, one can be confident of expecting practical and honest real estate services from them.
Who is a Real Estate Consultant? It can be any homeowner who is trying to decide whether to “move or improve”, a buyer who isn’t clear on what to buy and is open to assistance, a buyer who forcefully goes to a Realtor if he/she needs to save money or buyers who have chosen a discount broker or discount commission and found out that they didn’t get the discount, thus losing money and expensive market time.
RealEstate Consultants have no personal stakes and focus on giving the best results, every time. In what is often seen as a time-consuming process, property consultants use their skills and professionalism to leapfrog any hurdles and guarantee a trouble-free deal. The consultancy will be necessary no matter what kind of property you want to buy or sell.

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Top Franchise Brands to do successful business in India

Running after our dream job requires us to be financially strong and successful in our job roles. However, not all of us get the job satisfaction that we need. This is where Franchising comes to the rescue. If you are willing to take the risk, have the capacity to invest and be bold enough to be optimistic, then a Franchise Business is just ideal for you.
Why should you invest in a franchise based business opportunity?·        Franchisee brands have more chances to succeed rather than a completely new start-up business done individually·        Chances of surviving successfully are almost doubled·        Franchise Business can be best used as a business expansion model
Here’s a look at top Franchise Brands with whom you can do successful business in India:1.     McDonaldsWith its headquarters based in Illinois, McDonalds has a huge fan following since 1955. Its immense popularity is understood from the fact that it has more than 36,000 franchises all over the world. The investment cost varies from US$1Million to $2.3 Million.
2.     PriveRedOS venture, Prive is in the business of franchise management. Having strong ties with domestic and international brands, Prive gives its investors and clients access to a portfolio of brands across F&B and lifestyle for franchising purposes.
3.     KFC:Popularly known as Kentucky’s Fried Chicken, KFC has more than 20,000 branches across the globe. It has recently been shaking up its food selection by getting a lot of attention from the media, because of which many business personnel is willing to collaborate with them. The cost involved in operating the franchise varies between US $1.3 Million to $2.5 Million.

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Commercial Offices in demand as businesses grow steadily

Backed by robust business confidence and bright prospects in an economy
that’s ever-growing, Commercial Spaces continued to thrive in 2018. This gave
the Indian Economy a further edge as the year ended on a happy note. What
was interesting to see was that India jumped up to 23 spots, gaining the 77th
position in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index.

India’s commercial office sector was seen as a chief contributor to the
improvement in the country’s business environment. Occupiers picked large
office spaces as their preference, highlighting their increased assurance in the
office market. A study from Cushman & Wakefield revealed deals above
100,000 sq. ft. space to account for about 50% of gross leasing activity of 47
million sq. ft. in 2018.

Office Leasing rose to approximately 35% to 18.2 million and accounted for
50% of the total leasing in the first 9 months of 2018. As a result, the average
deal size rose to 27% to approximately 34,200 sq. ft.

Cities like Gurugram, Chennai, and Hyderabad that have large presence have
witnessed robust growth in pre-commitments and inquiries. Premium quality
workspaces with LEED Platinum ratings and the highest standards of safety
have attracted potential occupiers. India’s commercial real estate investments
have also been the highest in 10 years with approximately $2.6 billion being
invested during the first 3 quarters.

This study has revealed India’s leasing market to be in good health and has
given investors across the globe confidence to invest in the Indian commercial
market. With complete support from India’s first REIT filing by Blackstone and
Embassy in September 2018, foreign investors are on a lookout for Greenfield
and Brownfield projects.

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WTC Gift City: Redefining Reality

Worldwide acknowledgment of a brand in the realty segment has turned out to be one of the essential angles for any organization to flourish and build up a detailed base around the world. The World Trade Center is all inclusive perceived as a market dominator with regards to a worldwide system of commercial buildings that have reclassified premium extravagance that splendidly mixes with comfort and a cutting edge approach to foundation improvement.

The World Trade Center has effectively settled its quality crosswise over 330 urban communities in 100 nations and serves more than 1 million organizations today. Its most goal-oriented venture in Gujarat, GIFT City is an embodiment of imagination that similarly balances the requirements for keeping up world-class measures just as comfort and the brand-trust.

Contending with the market mammoths for universal business focuses, WTC's GIFT City is a gem crown among money related focuses on Gujarat and guarantees to be a promising suggestion for both the brand and the area.

The worldwide acknowledgment of global brands related to the World Trade Center is the way to business improvement. The top tier framework with premium administrations essentially centers around changing over it to a worldwide focal point for business and money.

GIFT City, with its select highlights and cutting edge framework upgrades the fundamental belief of WTC as a lively and appealing global business goal. The conviction that the worldwide powerband WTC gives, with a believed name like Viridian, makes WTC GIFT City the most trustworthy task in the business scene.

The unparallel brand-estimation of the WTC demonstrations a noteworthy impetus to exchange upgrades while the WTC Edifices with its best in class innovation, foundation, and premium administrations help universal exchange to an unheard of level! This top-notch esteems joined to the power-brand, WTC, broadly add to the advancement of provincial business networks, consequently making plenty of openings for work.

A horde of investment-related chances intends to effectively flourish the provincial networks as its essence empowers a huge number of dollars of business to stream in because of the top-notch focal points.

In a recently creating zone like GIFT City, WTC will additionally have a first mover advantage considering the enormous development potential when it is finished.

Aside from boosting global business, the prominent WTC structures have shown a relentless effect on foundation advancement in the area, in this way giving a general improvement regarding aggregate development.

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