India’s first Mobile Open Exchange: Some Important Details

Inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in July 2018,Mobile Open Exchange Zone in Noida will serve as a tech zone. Approximately 81 investment projects worth Rs. 60000 crores have been released here. This project will help people to use advanced mobile technology in order to obtain current updates in an easy manner.
Developed over 35 acres of land, MOX is considered to be one of the world’s biggest mobile phone production unit. Electronic devices in large numbers are rolled out every month. All mobile phones are manufactured with the highest quality of materials that offer the latest features and specifications to the users.
Considered to be one of the most popular ecosystems in the mobile sector, MOX@Techzone offers an integrated platform to all manufacturers, allied and research industries. Many manufacturing companies are now moving to India, particularly towards Mobile Open Exchange as it is an ideal place for investment and offers more benefits to the investors. It is one of the most suitable destinations where a company can start their project hassle-free. Many mobile manufacturing companies prefer MOX today to develop mobiles and other electronic devices.  


How does MOX benefit the Mobile Industry?

Dedicating itself entirely to the mobile industry with its location in Greater Noida,MOX providesa platform to mobile manufacturers and app developers. Here’s a look at some of the benefits and advantages that MOX has to offer:
Generates Huge Employment Opportunities:Spread over the whole Techzone sector of Greater Noida, MOX is an ecosystem in itself and acts as an ideal platform for mobile manufacturers and app developers. With many roles in the cluster, there are numerous employment opportunities that get generated and automatically support the Government’s initiatives.
Major Catalyst for Infrastructure Growth:The infrastructure involved in making the Mobile Open Exchange Zone is supreme. Expansion of this infrastructure attracts growth and development.
Opens Investment Opportunities: MOX is a cluster that oversees all opportunities conducted on a large scale that engages investment worldwide and brings various opportunities.
Boosts Realty Sector Heavy Commercial Activities of Different Business Clusters:The setting up of MOX has given a huge boost to the Realty sector. The presence of different business clusters and heavy commercial activities in the Techzone Sector acts as the major USP for the rest of the area and property.
Has a Multiplier Effect Value Chain Involved in Product Distribution:MOX is made up of 3 pillars, viz. Infrastructure, Hardware, and Software. These pillars are involved in producing effective and efficient value chains in product distribution.